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Wayne Mac Culloch
15 December, 2016

Season's Greetings to all!

     As we prepare for the holiday season, may we reflect on the many successes of the past months. In addition to Peacekeepers' Day from coast to coast, there have been a number of new peacekeeping monuments dedicated and our Association General Meeting. Here are a few highlights:

     The meeting combined a reunion for many and a delightful first meeting for some (including me). Vice- President Rick Wright and his team gave us a truly great time and a most efficient venue. Looking forward, Fern Taillefer in Barrie, Ontario, has agreed to host the 2018 meeting. Mark your calendars.

     A couple of important By-Law changes were also passed. First was a motion to codify spending authorities. While there have never been any irregularities, it was felt that putting the rules in writing was a good idea. It passed unanimously.

     Also unanimously passed was a membership by-law amendment to allow associate members to serve as chapter secretary and treasurer, and thereby allow chapters to tap into this valuable resource.

     As your president, I have also been quite busy giving advice to Government, whether at the VAC Stakeholders Summit (5-6 Oct 16), or in testimony before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs and the Senate Standing Committee on National Defence and Security. Slide decks from the former and texts from the latter have been distributed separately.

     By the time you read this, Remembrance Day will also be behind us. Doubtless, you all will have participated in its commemoration to the extent that you are able. As always, CAVUNP will have laid a wreath at the National War Memorial, and many of you will have supported local remembrance of those who have passed.

In the service of peace,

Wayne Mac Culloch, CD

National President CAVUNP

1815 Chopin Place,
Orleans, Ontario K1C 5G1
Tel: 613-851-8044

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