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6 June, 2019

     This is my second message to you as your President. I hope that 2019 has been happy and prosperous for you and your family.

     This year is one of many anniversaries which we will all commemorate: the 75th anniversary of D-Day on June 6th, the 45th anniversary of the loss of Buffalo 115461, shot down while on approach to Damascus Syria, on August 9th, and the 5th anniversary of the last Canadians departing Afghanistan on March 20th.

     We also have a new Minister of Veterans Affairs, the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, MP for Cardigan (PEI). The Minister is the fifth minister appointed since the current government was elected in 2015.

     I have received correspondence from the Lieut.-Gen. R.R. Crabbe Chapter (Winnipeg) respecting the AGM 2020 hosting. For very valid reasons, they have determined that the Chapter will be unable to host AGM 2020, and I agreed with their decision. That being the case, I would ask all the other Chapters to think about whether they are willing to host this important event.

     We will have our usual busy summer with Chapters volunteering to augment city/town/village parades and commemoration services, including, of course, Peacekeeper Day Commemorations. As always, you do our Association well in supporting these events. Thanks to all of you who participate.

     It is my intent to continue, as Wayne did, in sending out to the Chapters various e-mails we, your Executive receive, which we believe are of interest to you, the membership. If you are looking for specific information, please do not hesitate to contact us, your Executive.

     I hope that we all will enjoy a beautiful and most pleasant summer!

     Yours in the service of peace,

Rick Wright, CD

National President

Tel: 403-238-5230

Maple Leaf