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Wayne Mac Culloch
10 May, 2017

     As I write this, we are still trying to digest what was delivered to Veterans in the last Federal Budget. Clearly, it was not all that was promised us in the Minister of Veterans Affairs' mandate letter. We had been told at its issue that the letter's provisions were a two-year roadmap, but many points remain either partly addressed or not addressed at all.

     Of particular concern, there is no hint of the lifelong adequate financial support which Veterans have been advocating for years. Neither, was the provision of a Veteran's ID card included, despite its low cost to Government and its prized value to Veterans. To provide a common front to Government, I have asked the Royal Canadian Legion to convene another meeting of the Veterans Assembly to determine a common path ahead.

     On a more pleasant topic, I am delighted at the recent number of CAVUNP recipients of the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers. My heartiest congratulations go out to one and all! We are also in the opening stages of the commemoration season - Vimy, Battle of the Atlantic, Korea, Beaumont Hamel, Peacekeepers' Day and many others on the way to Remembrance Day. I want to extend my thanks to the large number of CAVUNP members who support these Veterans commemorative events. Not only does it cast the Association in a good light, but it provides much-needed support to other Veterans organizations.

     In closing, I wish all members of CAVUNP and their loved ones a wonderful summer, and a great Peacekeepers' Day!

     Until we meet again.

Wayne Mac Culloch, CD

National President CAVUNP

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Orleans, Ontario K1C 5G1
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